Hotel Lock รุ่น L5206

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Hotel Lock รุ่น L5206

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Hotel Lock รุ่น L5206

Stainless steel panel and handle
New design sensor window,strip style light
RFID MIFARE® technology,100,000 times write life for keycard, contactless reading keycard
ANSI mortise
Free-engage while locking
Powered by AA battery,easy replace new
Openings 20,000 times for one new battery pack
Audit trail records the latest 800 lock transactions.
Low Battery Voltage warning(beep and red light)
Passage mode activate by passage card for meeting case
Do not disturb(DND) function for hotels:While thumb turn is on from inside, the lock will refuse the keycard outside by show red light
Panic release function: the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle shaking to easy egress when emergency happens
Xeeder Hotel lock system(free) required
40mm-50mm thickness door
Each Xeeder hotel lock equipped double clock, control the guests check-in and departure time accurately, Make your management of rooms easily.

Guest card: Reception complete program Guest card by give a begin and expiry date for a room(rooms). Guest access room by read this card on lock
Master card:Hold by housekeeping to access to all rooms of hotels
Floor card: Hold by clean staff to enter the rooms in one floor.
Building card: Hold by manager to enter the rooms in one building
Passage card: Once this card been read on one door, this door could be acceess by without reading keycard
Emergency card: Enter the all rooms

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105/565 ซอยนวมินทร์ 57 แยก 3-2 แขวงนวมินทร์ เขตบึงกุ่ม กรุงเทพฯ 10240
Tel. 0-2734-7648 Fax. 0-2734-7649
Mobile. 08-6841-3587 / 08-5828-2991


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