Tennis courses by Coach David,Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) @ Bang Na-Trad and Sukhumvit 71(Preedee-Panomyong 42)

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Tennis courses by Coach David,Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) @ Bang Na-Trad and Sukhumvit 71(Preedee-Panomyong 42)

Tennis courses by Coach David, from Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), USA
@ Bang na-Trad KM13 (in-bound) and @ Sukhumvit 71 (Sakolpan Sport Club on soi Preedee-Panomyong 42)

About Us
The immense popularity of tennis in Thailand, the profusion of raw talent and the widespread availability of tennis facilities have come together in recent years to highlight the vast potential of The Kingdom as an emerging regional tennis powerhouse. With this thought in mind, David’s Courts started out in December of 2009 as a small after-school program conducted on a two-court facility in the Bangna area of Bangkok training competitive juniors, ages 10 to 17. Now also operating out of a second facility on Sukhumvit 71 at Sakolpan Sport Club, it continues to provide intense high-performance tennis training to committed players. Although active competitors will always be at the program’s core, it has since expanded to include clinics for young tournament players of ages twelve and under, weekday adult ladies’ clinics, and specialized short-term workshops that focus on particular age-groups or levels, or on honing specific tennis skills. Private clinics or lessons are also options which interested parties may consider to step up their game.
At the heart of each lesson “on David’s Courts” is the firm belief in the efficacy of structured, progressive, goal-oriented training and good old-fashioned discipline in accelerating the development of each player both as a competitor and as a person. While our unique approach to high-performance training is not a “one-size-fits-all” formula for success we believe that its consistent application over time produces the best results for most students.
Yes, Thailand is on the threshold of becoming a great tennis nation, and we intend to be there when it happens!

Programs offered : -
With the exception of private lessons, we require that each applicant’s tennis skills be evaluated prior to joining a class to ensure that all participants are appropriately placed according to level. All classes are under the direct supervision of PTR Coach David Gorrez. To schedule an evaluation please contact us.

A) Active Competitor Program (Tournament Players):-
- By far our most popular offering, this year-round after-school clinic is currently held on weekday afternoons and early evenings at Noble Park and are open to competitive juniors ages 10 and above or younger players of sufficient skill. This class focuses on players who are committed to participating in tournaments on a regular basis. Training includes high-intensity live-ball drills, matchplay and fitness in addition to advanced stroke production, tactics, and strategy. As this class caters to a very specific niche, prerequisites to joining are:
(1) Tennis must be the applicant’s primary competitive sport;
(2) The applicant must be a currently-active tournament player or must have played in at least 1 tournament in the last three months AND 4 tournaments in the last year;*
(3) The applicant must undergo a skills evaluation which includes basic groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, and serves;
(4) The applicant must have no pre-existing medical condition(s) that prevent(s) her/him from undergoing intense physical training.
*This condition may be waived at the instructor’s discretion.
Upon initiation into the program the student must commit to playing at least one tournament each month while under training and will be expected to deliver 100% effort in both competition and practice. All students are required to attend at least 3 sessions per week.
Schedule : 1600-1800 Monday through Friday
Venue : Noble Park, Bangk-Na Trad KM 13 , In-bound
Cost : THB 4200.00/ 12-hour course (within 2 weeks)

B) Adult Ladies Clinics :-
– Conveniently held on weekday mornings at Sakolpan Sport Club, on soi Preedee-Panomyon 46, Sukhumvit 71 road (Klong Ton), the Ladies Clinics are organized with the busy urban woman in mind. The level-specific curriculum includes extensive instruction on technique, strategy, and competitive matchplay. As with all our clinics we strive to make each session both challenging and fun. Participants sign up for and commit to an 8-hour course consisting of a weekly 2-hour session for 4 weeks. It’s simply a great way to meet other players and gain match experience, and with classes starting as early as 7:30 it’s a wonderful start to an active day!

C) Workshops :-
– Our specialized workshops are usually held on weekdays during seasonal school breaks or other extended school holidays. Consisting of 2- to 3-hour sessions depending on the theme, each workshop has a definite start and end date and focuses on a specific age group, level, or tennis skill, and typically totals 20 hours of court time but may be as short as 10. Every session is taught as an essential link in a progressive chain, building on the previous lesson and logically connecting to the next. Since introducing them in October last year we have held numerous workshops on singles strategy and tactics, competitive doubles, general stroke production, advanced volley technique, and serves. Workshop themes are generally set by USPTR Coach David Gorrez but may be requested by groups that want to work on a specific aspect of their tennis game. The most popular requests thus far have been for junior competitive singles and adult doubles. All workshops proceed with a minimum of 4 participants with any fewer treated and billed as a private or semi-private lesson

D) Custom Clinics :-
– Do you have a group of friends of the same level who would like to join you in a clinic tailored to your specific needs? We are happy to organize a closed custom clinic for a minimum of 4 participants. Feel free to contact us for more information or to make arrangements.

E) Private Lessons or semi-praivate lessons ( 1 - 2 students) :-
– with David is THB 1200.00 per hour.
To sign u for free trial lesson or for more information, feel free to call:
David 081-302-2299
Pui 089 202 3592
Peng 089-319-7804
Coach David Gorrez is a certified USPTR (Professional Tennis Registry) professional with over 10 years experience in coaching high-level juniors. He did his internship under the supervision of USPTA Coach Gregory Martin of Martin Tennis with whom he continues to collaborate on special projects in Bangkok such as the Summer Active Competitor Workshops. David worked at The Bullis Tennis Training Center in Potomac, Maryland, under two subsequent administrations, first, the Jack Schore Tennis Training Corporation, and later the 4 Star Tennis Academy, where he taught until December of 2009. While at the Bullis Tennis Training Center he coached The Bullis School’s Middle School Boy’s Team and was a mainstay in the Martin and Tripp Adult Ladies Clinics, one of the biggest and longest-running adult clinics in the Mid-Atlantic US. As Assistant Head Coach at Martin Tennis he also helped coach the Junior and Adult tennis teams of the Potomac Swim and Tennis Club. He now lives in Bangkok where, for the past two years, he has been conducting junior and adult clinics in the Bangna area, and more recently on Sukhumvit 71 Road, (Sakolpan Sport Club, soi Preedee-Panomyong 46).

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