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 Homogenizer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A homogenizer is a piece of laboratory equipment used for the homogenization of various types of material, such as tissue, plant, food, soil, and many others.

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 Homogenizers - PRO Scientific Inc.
Your Homogenizer Equipment Experts. Specializing in Homogenizers and Homogenizer accessories. We also manufacture a line of mixers shakers rockers and ...

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 Homogenizers from Cole-Parmer
Shop our Homogenizers and more in our comprehensive Mixers and Blenders stores.

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 Homogenizing Mixer | High Pressure Homogenizer
High pressure homogenisers are used in a variety of applications, in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, particularly in the preparation of ...

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 Omni Tip Plastic Homogenizer Probes - Omni International
Omni is the leading manufacturer of laboratory homogenizers and utrasonic cell disrupters. Omni Disposable Homogenizer Probes and Homogenization ...

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 Homogenization | Systems | APV | SPX
The APV Homogenizer is continuing in the tradition of excellence ... and product innovation, SPX delivers the latest homogenizer technologies for the food, dairy,  ...

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 Minilys, your personal homogenizer - Precellys
Specially designed for low-throughput laboratory workflows and personal use, Minilys homogenizes 3 samples simultaneously in 0.5ml/2 ml tubes or 1 sample ...

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 IKA Dispersers Homogenizer
Whether used for homogenizing, emulsifying or suspending - IKA's dispersers enable the best possible results. The digital display allows you to keep track of the ...

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