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 UV Vodka | Be Bold. Be Unique. Be UV.
UV Vodka is distilled four times and fashioned with the finest ingredients from around the world. It's Colorful. It's Flavorful. It's Bold. It's UV.

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 WHO | Ultraviolet radiation
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by the sun. Whereas UVC rays (wavelengths of 100-280 nm) are absorbed by the ...

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 UV Index Search | Envirofacts | US EPA
The Ultraviolet (UV) Index predicts the ultraviolet radiation levels on a 1-11+ scale. The UV Index provides a daily forecast of the expected intensity of UV ...

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 UV Index | SunWise | US EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency
Jul 25, 2013 ... US map providing four day predicted forecast showing UV intensities at solar noon. Compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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 WHO | UV Index - World Health Organization
The UVI is a measure of the level of UV radiation. The values of the index range from zero upward - the higher the UVI, the greater the potential for damage to ...

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 UV (2007) - IMDb
Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner. With Jacques Dutronc, Marthe Keller, Nicolas Cazalé, Laura Smet. During the absence of Philipp, in his house appears the ...

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 SGI - Products: Servers: SGI UV
SGI UV: The Big Brain Computer. World's Largest In-Memory System for Data- Intensive Problems. Focus on Solving Your Problems, Not IT Problems. No Limit  ...

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