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 Voucher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A voucher is a bond which is worth a certain monetary value and which may be spent only for specific reasons or on specific goods. Examples include (but are ...

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 Voucher - Merriam-Webster Online
b : a documentary record of a business transaction. c : a written affidavit or authorization : certificate. d : a form or check indicating a credit against future ...

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 voucher - Wiktionary
English[edit]. Pronunciation[edit]. Rhymes: -aʊtʃə(ɹ). Noun[edit]. voucher (plural vouchers). A piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount, or that can be ...

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 voucher - definition of voucher by the Free Online Dictionary ...
A written record of expenditure, disbursement, or completed transaction. 3. A written authorization or certificate, especially one exchangeable for cash or ...

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 voucher - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com
Definition of voucher : A voucher is a certificate or document that either allows you to purchase something or proves that you paid for something. A voucher is ...

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 Vouchers and Coupons, up to 70% off, with GROUPON.co.uk
Save up to 70% with Groupon's coupons and vouchers. Enjoy deals in your city on such things as beauty, wellness, restaurants and much more! Try our discount  ...

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 IFLA Voucher Scheme | IFLA
NOTE: as of 1 January 2013, the handling fee per IFLA voucher order and redemption will be EUR 15.50. Payment System for International Interlibrary ...

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 Innovation Vouchers
Innovation Voucher Initiative. If you wish to apply for an innovation voucher there are three options as follows:-. 1. Standard Applications: open for applications ...

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