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Wire Mark

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 Wire mark - Merriam-Webster Online
the impression made on the bottom side of a paper web by the surface contour of the wire — compare watermark. This word doesn't usually appear in our free ...
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/wire mark

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 Laser Wire Marking, Wire Stripping, and Wire Cutting System - Fully ...
Control Micro Systems Manufactures custom computer controlled industrial laser systems such as the fully automated Laser Wire System for marking wire, ...

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 Wire Marking and Identifying - 3M
Use these products for marking wire ... 3M scotchcoDe WIre MArkIng AnD IDentIFyIng proDucts ... two cartridges of STD wire marking tags (two different sizes) ...

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 Laser Wire Marking Systems - Spectrum Technologies
Designer and manufacturer of UV laser wire and cable markers used in cable & wire harness manufacturing applications in aerospace, automotive, LRS and ...

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 Laser Wire Marking Technology - Spectrum Technologies
UV laser wire marking was originally developed in 1987 by Spectrum researchers to meet the needs of the international aerospace industry for a means of safely ...

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 Wire Marking - Taymer Industries, Inc.
Wire Marking Machines. Manufacturer of Marking Machines including uv laser wire marker, hot stamp wire marker and inkjet wire marker for wire harnesses and ...

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 Value Added Support Services: Laser Wire Marking
Co-Operative Industries provides marking services for customer supplied materials. With state-of-the-art laser identification technology, we can permanently ...

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 Basic wire marking machines - wire markers and wire strippers
Eubanks Model 67200 wire marking machine This machine does not have feed rolls to drive the wire. Wire is pulled through the machine manually or by an ...

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Wire Mark