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 Indicator (distance amplifying instrument) - Wikipedia, the free ...
Dial test indicators, whose tips swing in an arc rather than plunging linearly, usually have spherical tips.

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 What Is a Dial Gauge? - wiseGEEK
A dial gauge is a precision measurement used to measure parts for production tolerance or wear. The finest dial gauges can measure...

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 Dial gauge - Merriam-Webster Online
a gauge consisting of a circular graduated dial and a pointer actuated by a member that contacts with the part being calibrated ...
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/dial gauge

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 Angle Finder w/ Dial Gauge - Harbor Freight Tools
Save big on this angle finder at Harbor Freight Tools. This easy to read angle finder has a large dial gauge for accurate angle measurements.

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 Reading and Using a Dial Indicator.mp4 - YouTube
Jul 31, 2010 ... This video will show the mechanic how to read and use a standard dial indicator in the shop to measure parts.

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 Peacock Dial Gauges - Labtek
Labtek supplies Peacock gauges, dial gauges, digital indicators ...

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 Chicago Dial Indicator - mechanical and electronic gages
ISO9000 / CE Mark / American-Made manufacturer of standard, special, and OEM dial indicators. Digital indicator and probes have travel ranges from .060" to 4".

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 Dial Indicators - Starrett
361 products ... S253MZ Dial Indicator Set, Set of 3 Millimeter Reading Dial Indicators: 25-161J, 25-181J & 25-881J, AGD Group 2, Jeweled Bearings, Lug-On- ...

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dial gauge