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 Homo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Homo is the genus of great apes that includes modern humans and species closely related to them. The genus is estimated to be about 2.3 to 2.4 million years ...

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 homo - Wiktionary
One quart of homo wholesale in glass equals one quart equivalent. Certain modifications were made in these relatives to adjust for variations in units per .

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 Homo - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
any of a genus (Homo) of hominids that includes modern humans (H. sapiens) and several extinct related species (as H. erectus and H. habilis) ...

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 homo - definition of homo by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...
A member of the genus Homo, which includes the extinct and extant species of humans. [Latin homō, man; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.] ho·mo 2 ...

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 HOMO - Journal of Comparative Human Biology - ScienceDirect.com
The online version of HOMO - Journal of Comparative Human Biology at ScienceDirect.com, the world's leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text ...

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 Homo heidelbergensis
This early human species had a very large brow ridge , a larger braincase and flatter face than older early human species. It was first early human species to live  ...

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 Homo | Define Homo at Dictionary.com
1590–1600; < Latin homō man; OL hemō the earthly one (see humus); akin to Latin hūmānus human; cognate with Old English guma, Old Irish duine, Welsh dyn ...

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